I’d been working on BenchEssential for 3 years and not getting anywhere, and then I connect with Goretti and in two weeks she has two quotes from two different manufacturers.  It was amazing. I continued to work with Goretti on creating the spec drawings of BenchEssential, communicating with the broker in Portugal, figuring out product details and pricing, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it without her help. She has been a God-send to me in bringing BenchEssential to market, and I have enjoyed every minute of working with her. She is professional, knows her stuff, has great connections and is smart about how to approach projects.  I look forward to working with Goretti on many other products that Red Roof Industries will bring to market in the future!

Angela Simoes, Founder

Red Roof Industries

I was lucky enough to work with Goretti 17 years ago, and I have made sure she is involved in everything I do ever since!  I quickly realized no one in the industry compares to her.  No one has the knowledge, precision, and range of diversity that she has.  Her technical background, mixed with her problem solving skills (from years of knowledge in the industry), and having a designer eye makes her an ideal match to work with.  As a designer and business owner, I am a perfectionist.  I want the best, I want it quickly, and I want it to be right.  Goretti has always gone above and beyond to make my vision a reality.  Whether it be pattern making, fittings, creating specs, or following through on production, I always have the utmost confidence in Goretti's work.  I trust no one else with my designs.  I highly recommend Goretti for any of your technical design needs.  She is amazing!


Suzie Hamer Khan

Designer and Owner